Happiness and contentment in life come from the merging of Opportunity and Talent. My Dad had Talent but no Opportunity so could not find a way to learn to play the Violin. I had Opportunity but no Talent -- I lack the physical ability to complete a Thru Hike of the Appalachian Trail. I failed to learn this lesson even after numerous section hikes, but in the Spring of 2013, after 41.6 miles hiking in MD and PA, I learned the lesson that Dad had in mind when he told me to "hike the Trail." This Blog is now about the Merging of Opportunity and Talent more than it is about hiking the Appalachian Trail, but I still plan to include snippets of the Trail in the Blog. It's about Chasing the Trail of Life. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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This Blog is Dedicated to my Dad. Although he never accomplished his dream of learning to play the Violin, he did construct and play a Dulcimer at an Elderhostel.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day Three of NoBo AT Hike

Miles Hiked: 5.1 
Total AT Miles: 20

Additional Miles: .3 

Road walking back up to the AT was hard. I was loaded down with food and water and had 32 pounds on my back. I tried to think of a way to cut weight, but I needed everything I had ... well, maybe not all that turkey jerky.  I bought a Snickers candy bar for a treat and didn't realize what a treat it would become.

Headed up the AT passed the Ensign Cowall shelter and passed a couple of power line rights of way. It started drizzling and then let loose with a full fledged rain storm.  I crossed a couple of farm fields ... My Kind Of Appalachian Trail in the pouring rain.  Then crossed a road and once into the woods, I decided it was time for my Snickers Bar. My pruned cold fingers slipped and the partially opened wrapper and bar fell to the ground. I instinctively looked at my watch to see when the "three second rule" began and it read "12:03:57" ... My birth time with 3 seconds left.  I snatched up the bar, wiped off the dirt and took a bite. That was the best Snickers bar I have ever tasted. 

The rain never let up. It poured and I gave up trying to keep my feet dry. I waded across Warner Gap Stream, walked the 2-plank bridge across the main part and then had to "rock hop" across Little Antietam Creek. After that, the AT crosses Raven Rock Rd (MD 491) and climbs nearly 600 feet up switchbacks to Raven Rock Shelter. 

In the rain. 

Forever. Brutal. I left at 10:10 AM and arrived at 4:30 PM. Six hours twenty minutes to travel 5.4 miles with 32 pounds on my back in the pouring rain.

I quickly ate and climbed into my dry clothes and sleeping bag. 

First Photo - Stream I waded through in the pouring rain. 

Second Photo - Little Antietam Creek where I rock hopped across in the pouring rain. 

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  1. Hey Coosa, really inspired by your courage and spirit! I just saw your entry in my guestbook on TrailJournals.com. Using your camera to check for ticks in places you can't see (and they love to bite) is a great idea. You could also use a small mirror (that's how I've found a few). Also, coat your gaitors with permethrin. Best wishes, and I hope I ge to meet you on the trail! Unitic