Happiness and contentment in life come from the merging of Opportunity and Talent. My Dad had Talent but no Opportunity so could not find a way to learn to play the Violin. I had Opportunity but no Talent -- I lack the physical ability to complete a Thru Hike of the Appalachian Trail. I failed to learn this lesson even after numerous section hikes, but in the Spring of 2013, after 41.6 miles hiking in MD and PA, I learned the lesson that Dad had in mind when he told me to "hike the Trail." This Blog is now about the Merging of Opportunity and Talent more than it is about hiking the Appalachian Trail, but I still plan to include snippets of the Trail in the Blog. It's about Chasing the Trail of Life. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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This Blog is Dedicated to my Dad. Although he never accomplished his dream of learning to play the Violin, he did construct and play a Dulcimer at an Elderhostel.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

There are rocks and then there are ROCKS

First photo ... Looking down the Appalachian Trail Northbound just past High Rocks in Maryland.

Second photo ... Looking back up. 

And there was more! Three Quarters of a Mile more ... and it took me 2 hours to get down to more "level" aka rocks with some earth among them "ground." The AT white blaze  is placed about 10 feet high on a tree in the direction the Trail is to go and it is up to the hiker to maneuver the maze of jumbled rocks to get to that blaze before the AT reveals the next white blaze on a tree in the direction the hiker must travel in order to find the next white blaze. For 3/4 of a mile. 

Although I did not fall, I did scare myself a few times and nearly "face-planted" so many times I lost count. My ankles are wobbly. With the "turtle" (pack) on my back, my balance is easily thrown off.  (Gravity has always been my nemesis.)  I had to turn around and back down many times getting through the rocks. 

But ... I did and the pouring rain didn't start until I did! 

This photo was graffiti on rocks ... I thought the message poignant.

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